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Welcome To Chicago #NONATO

Welcome To Chicago #NONATO

#NONATO | Outernational + Chicago This Weekend!

Miles in CHI REMEZCLA in “Rebel Music: The Sounds of Anti-NATO

"What’s the importance of an anti-NATO summit show this weekend?
Outernational is coming to the city of Chicago this weekend to deliver the revolution rock, as we do night in and night out. Our concert Friday night at the Abbey Pub is timed to coincide with the anti-NATO protests going on this weekend. We will be there with The World Can’t Wait, Saturday night’s Woody Guthrie tribute show at the Metro, and then on Saturday for the IVAW march and protest. Why? Because NATO’s supposed “peacekeeping” is aimed at maintaining a world of Western imperialist—especially U.S. imperialist—domination over the people of the world.”

Fri - St. Luke’s Lutheran Church | World Can’t Wait Concert - 8pm (unplugged) | RSVP: http://on.fb.me/JOg2Et
Fri - Abbey Pub | HEADLINING CONCERT -  11pm | RSVP: http://on.fb.me/JiZTK1
Sat - Grant Park | Malcolm X Freedom Festival - 4 - 8 PM w/ Rebel Diaz + more
Sat - Metro | Woody Guthrie Tribute Show - 8 pm | INFO: http://bit.ly/J0PGgj
Sun - Grant Park | IVAW rally (Iraq Vets Against The War) | Info: http://on.fb.me/Jzebah

Abbey Pub