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NY Music Daily reviews the new EP ‘Here Is The Rose’ and previews this month’s NYC residency:

"an unexpected but wildly successful detour into organ-fueled latin soul."

"biting, funky, horn-driven… works just as well as a party anthem as a defiant statement of purpose”

"metaphorically loaded"

"It’s 600 Miles Till The Mexican Border…"

We’re back at the Mexican border area, having rocked Marfa, TX on Sunday (love Padre’s!) + El Paso last night.  Reminds us of this great piece from New York Music Daily (click photo to read entire album review of “We Are All Illegals”):

"Immigrants tend be smart people. They’re ambitious, they want a better life and they’re unafraid of drastic change. A cynic might say that drastic change is something they’ve become used to: after all, economic depressions always hit the third world harder than the first since the gap between rich and poor there is even worse than in the so-called developed nations. Americans’ choice now is either to embrace these people and the rich cultural traditions they bring with them, or face the consequences of failing to acknowledge the reconquista. That’s what some immigrant advocates call America’s shifting demographics. If we do this right, we can make this a reconquista for everyone and take back this country from parasites like Romney so that todo el gente – immigrants and nonimmigrants, Anglos and Latinos alike – can share in the promise of what America still represents despite all indications to the contrary."

Watch the video + spread the “Todos Somos Ilegales" video: http://www.weareallillegals.com

"Music doesn’t get any more relevant than this"